Would YOU Like to Become A Business Owner and Use Our Software in YOUR Business?

Q: Why Should YOU Use The ARS & MVP Profile Software System In Your Business?

  • No Smoke and Mirrors, Your Business is YOUR Business
  • Since 1998, Athletic Recruiters Service / MVP Services and its affiliate companies have innovated, and provided recruiting software solutions with database management, online video tools and a direct college e-profile delivery
  • Software which is setup as you desire; operated under your chosen business name, domain name, logo and color
  • A web based application used to build a feature-rich sport and video profile website
  • A system which is innovated and will allow you to provide recruiting software solutions
  • A database managementable and online video web sport profile system, with direct college e-mail delivery
  • User friendly software which empowers you and/or your college-bound athletes the ability to log into and create and/or update a comprehensive sport specific web profile
  • A profile which can be promoted directly via e-mail to thousands of college coaches in 18 NCAA sanctioned sports
  • Athletic Recruiting Tools, and YOU may offer all or part of them in your sport recruiting business
  • Sports you may offer consist of Men's Baseball, Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Track, Cross Country, and Wrestling. Or Women's Basketball, Field Hockey, Golf, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Track, Cross Country, and Volleyball
  • A maintained and updated college coach database which allows you and/or your athletes to select and target college coaches with self-developed or pre-designed email letters
  • A college coach tracking system which allows you and/or your athletes to monitor which coaches are viewing each athlete's sport profile
  • A system which allows you to email all or part of your athletes a soliciting or concerning message
  • A system which will email your athletes a weekly notice concerning college coach views
  • A Leaser or athlete controlled system allowing unlimited controlled video uploading and profile updating
  • A system with tools empowering your athletes to research the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA colleges and their sports offered, recruiting rules, SAT and/or ACT testing dates and times, and many academic tools for scholarship opportunites
  • An unrestricted clause whereby YOU are NOT restricted to offering only the software system services
  • You may also contract with other companies offering recruiting services and/or you may offer services outside the rim of the software without owing any additional monies
  • Just think, you may offer video production, video editing, and/or video uploading without additional fees from MVP
  • A recruiting software system whereby you may grow your business as large as you desire without restrictions
  • You may grow your business by adding Producers and/or Sub-Leasers without an additional Producer or Sub-Leaser fees
  • An unrestricted lease whereby several territories within and outside the United States are available (apply today!)
  • A profile system which is automated for substantial growth
  • Your profile system training will be conducted via an online web conferencing software (no travel expenses)
  • Training conducted in the operations and techniques of a sport recruiting business (as per your request) via an online web conferencing software (no travel expenses)

Q: What Is Needed From You?

  • We desire persons which have a STRONG aspiration to assist junior high and/or high schools athletes obtain a college education while competing in college athletics of their choosing
  • YOU need to enjoy high school and/or college sports, you are sports savy, and you are an entrepreneur minded person
  • We highly suggest you need to be computer literate, and you have sales and marketing knowledge to operate a business
  • We suggest you have a strong commitment to assist athletes obtain an education while they compete at the sport or sports of their choice in college
  • A small one-time software programming fee will be require down to have your leased system setup for you using your desired domain.
  • A small monthly software leasing fee for the first Twelve (12) months starting on the first full month of your system operations
  • On the Thirteenth (13th) month your leasing fee will increase by Fifteen ($15.00) dollars a month through Twenty Four (24) months
  • On the first day of your 25th month of operations, your leasing fee will go up by an additional Twenty ($20.00) dollars a month for a period of Ten (10) years
  • No other fees are due until you have accumulated and exceeded 50 profiles in any given month

Please Take The Time To View The Software Preformance Example Video Below

If you think you would like to explore further our opportunity to become a Business Owner using and lease our profile software, please fill out our contact form. All contacts are kept in complete confidence and held private to MVP/ARS!