Q: Why Should YOU Become An AthleticRecruiters.com Licensee?

Since 1998, AthleticRecruiters.com under the umbrella of MVP Services and its affiliate companies have innovated, and provided recruiting software solutions with database management, online video tools and a direct college e-profile delivery. Sports offered consist of Men's Baseball, Men and Women's Basketball, Football, Men and Women's Golf, Men and Women's Lacrosse, Men and Women's Soccer, Men and Women's Track, Men's Wrestling, Women's Field Hockey, Women's Fast Pitch Softball, and Women's Volleyball

We Offer You

AthleticRecruiters.com now offers you a way to become involved in the scouting/recruiting business without a lot of upfront investment, by becoming a Licensee using the AthleticRecruiters.com operating system. AR offers you a web based application used to build a feature-rich sport and profile website, with an on sceen video. You will be able to offer a system which is innovated and will allow you to provide a complete recruiting software solutions to athletes. A managementable and online video web sport profile system, with direct college e-mail delivery. A user friendly software which empowers the college-bound athletes the ability to log into and create and/or update a comprehensive sport specific web profile.

Probabilty of Athletes Competing Beyond High School


NCAA athlete earning a college degree is significantly greater (Div. 1)


NCAA athlete earning a college degree is significantly greater (Div. 2)


NCAA athlete earning a college degree is significantly greater (Div. 3)


High School and Club Ball Athletes Need YOUR Assistance!

As you can see by the percentages shown, athletes need your assistance in getting their skills in front of the college coaches early and often. And, the percentage per sport participation varies from a range of approximately 2.5% to an approximate high of 12% per sport, with most in the range of 3% to 6%. Athletes need exposure early and often to be able to be within the stistics shown. You will have the opportunity to assist the athlete in overcoming the challenge of obtaining the exposure with a Licensed Territory from AthleticRecruiters.com.